6 Figure Earner and his 6 Figure Ride

6 Figure Earner and his 6 Figure Ride

After 8 years as a Costco manager, living/working in a “box”, missing his kids grow up and making only $42,000 per year, Kevin quickly realized that the 40-40-40 plan was NOT for him. Couple that with a health scare, he decided to go into business for himself. While working on building his own company he had stumbled back into network marketing (a model that he previously had success with at the age of 17). After a 13 year hiatus he was better equipped to take advantage of the positive changes in the industry which now allowed him to enjoy immediate rapid results.

Kevin is extremely knowledgeable and articulate yet his easygoing approach deeply engages both the novice and seasoned veterans simultaneously. He believes all who are putting forth a legitimate effort deserve attention and mentorship. Kevin otherwise known as The Biz Guru always leads by example and prides himself on being within the top 1% in all that he does.

In just the past 6 years Kevin has parlayed his laid back style into:

  • 25,000 Agents
  • $24,000,000.00+ in sales
  • 45 Agents who he has helped earn $10,000+ per month (Most Proud accomplishment)
  • Free Trips, Free Cars, $50,000 Bonuses, $25,000 Bonuses
  • Built teams or had agents in 22 different countries
  • Consulted on comp plan enhancements and policy improvements for companies with as many 250,000 Agents (including 3 publicly traded entities)
  • Trained, Educated and Inspired Thousands at Business Seminars and National Conventions, with as many as 19,000 in 1 stadium.
  • Kevin’s latest ventures inlclude helping other network marketers learn Internet Marketing. Times are changing and Internet Marketing is the single best way or system to build wealth these days. Kevin’s marketing training is available to ALL who want to learn – from a recognized professional.

    With such a diverse range of business acumen, a financial resume like this, a caring heart and what seems to be the “midas touch” it is no wonder why friends and colleagues have dubbed Kevin as “The Biz Guru”.

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