Joint Ventures – The Ultimate Affiliate Shortcut

Joint Ventures – The Ultimate Shortcut

Joint Ventures are a must have tool in your arsenal. It is often said that there are no shortcuts in life. While that may be true in essence, there are strategic moves that can be made that will get you from point A to point B a lot faster than traditional methods. Since time is the worlds most precious resource you need to learn and implement these strategies or your business will suffer.

Joint Ventures are simply what the name implies a venture that is worked on jointly (typically by 2 people or 2 businesses). Picture a scenario in which you have two friends or acquaintances that are both marketers. The first “Bob” is great at creating products but he knows very little about marketing and he does not have a list or any affiliates that will sell his products. The second marketer is “Mary”. Mary has a huge list with thousands and thousands of subscribers in her autoresponder. The problem that Mary has is that she doesn’t have any good products to sell to her subscribers.

The answer to both Bob and Mary’s problems is painfully obvious and an easy one to solve. Each one has a strength that the other one lacks. So by joining forces they can create a winning combination. Mary sells Bob’s excellent products to her massive list and then splits the profits with Bob. Thus a Joint Venture or JV was formed. There is no set rate but typically 50% each is standard. (if Bob was more interested in growing HIS contact list then the split can be as high as 100% but that is another article)

The best part about JV’s is that it is a win win for both parties. The people on Mary’s list obviously won as well, since they were exposed to a great new product. By making up for what each other lacks, in a JV both marketers become a complete and successful business instantly.

The only thing better than this type of JV is when you do the same thing but with a recognized authority in your niche. Let’s say that you had an internet marketing product and you got Mike Filsaime or Russell Brunson to do a JV with you. In this case not only would you have a tremendous amount of sales come in but just by mere association you can be thrust into the guru status. I call this the triangle of Trust. Russell’s list trust him, he is in business with you so now his list trusts you as well. This can do incredible sales for you in the future. Your list will explode and soon people may come to you for JV’s. Even better other Big Name people will see your JV with Russell or Mike and want to do the same thing with you.

As more and more people start their own home based businesses on the internet, the market will beginning to get more and more saturated and the competition will grow more fierce by the minute. The quickest, most effective and easiest way to build your own online empire is through joint ventures. That is, join forces with other marketers to sell your product.

Once you have a name or have some proven results people will begin to seek you out in order to Joint Venture with you, promote your products and become your affiliate. Joint Ventures or JV’s are the main reason why you see these big Million Dollar launches taking place. Many promoters with huge lists or even a few high level players can get the word out to millions with a push of a send button. With the right JV partner you don’t have to worry about driving traffic to your sales page using SEO or paid advertisements. Their recommendation to thousands will do that for you.

The online world is getting crowded very quickly. Joint Ventures are becoming more and more import for growing quickly in new markets. So they will be mandatory for anyone who wants to remain in the forefront of their market. A quick way to get many JV partners is to attend seminars and participate in forums. Make sure you exercise caution and follow the proper etiquette when approaching JV partners. Remember they have something You want. So be prepared to be flexible and courteous in your approach. The bigger the partner the more you may have to relinquish in terms of cash, percentage, time frame or leads. Rest assured that if you do your homework it is always MORE than worth it to apply this to any venture.

At a recent live event in Atlanta I was able to secure JV’s with Russell Brunson , Jeff Dedrick , Mike Filsaime ( a joint venture master) and others. Check out our News and Events section and find upcoming events that are going on. Make sure you look for ME there and say Kevin let’s do a Joint Venture.

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