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Cost Per Action or CPA is a form of advertising that has boomed in popularity in last few years. (Mostly because of some Big CPA Networks) There is a lot of confusion about how affiliates make money from it, and the pricing model can be sort of confusing to the uninitiated. The basic premise is that, CPA pays when a websurfer performs certain actions. This can be something as simple as a zip submit (just entering their zip or postal code) an Email Submit (entering their email for a prize) all the way up to either buying a product or at least paying the shipping for a Free product.

When it comes to making money with CPA offers there are few basics to grasp. By partnering with CPA networks, advertisers will generously reward web publishers to utilize a portion or spot on their website aka virtual real estate in order to reach a targeted group of web visitors. It is an irrefutable fact that if you place your offer in the view of a targeted surfer, they will be more apt to check out the offer, link or promo ad.

The fast and easy way to make money online by marketing cpa offers is to look for an established, low risk, popular Affiliate CPA network. Make sure that after you have joined an established reputable CPA network, that you carefully review all the available offers. The intelligent move is to then pick a high paying offer that is in a very generous paying niche like: electronics, weight loss, self improvement and various similar categories.

Test and retest the CPA offer to be certain that the niche has a nice flow of good traffic that converts. You do not want to spend a lot of time in a niche where you get a lot of people just “looking” and people who do not translate into sales. It is all about the numbers, and you should see a conversion of 1 in 100 visitors. One could easily expect that 2% – 5% of the people who stumble onto the site will click through to your CPA offer.

Choosing a great promo can be confusing at times, as you will need to know the character of the people who frequent your blog or site. While you will focus on getting the biggest and best return on your presentation of text links and banners, you will also want the banner ads to be tightly integrated into the theme of your site. For instance, if you have a website themed around Texas hold em, you usually would NOT want a CPA offer for weight loss, Acai Berries or a Colon Flush. The obvious thought process here is – most people looking to gamble online are typically not very interested in berries, improving their digestion or losing weight.

The next thing to consider is the amount of effort that needs to be exerted by your sites visitor. It is easier by far to get a person to share their zip code rather than giving up their email address. Similar to junk mail at home, most people who register with their email are typically thinking that they  soon will be inundated with spam email from the advertiser. On the other hand, just giving a zip code is a lot less intrusive. As a result the award or bonus for zip submits is, naturally lower than if you were acquiring things like email and name, address, phone number, credit card etc.)

Top Six Keys in a Hot CPA Network or CPA Offer

CPA Network Displays A Clear set of Rules
CPA Network is Established plus They Pay On Time
CPA Network has a Useful Affiliate Manager and Fresh Offers
CPA Offer Has Good Conversion Ratios (Visitors to Buyers)
CPA Offer has Great Payout in comparison to PPC Expenses
CPA Offer has Mass Appeal or Niches in which you can tap Unlimited amounts of Traffic

Typically CPA networks operate as the broker between the affiliate marketers who work for the network and the advertiser or publisher. Most good cpa networks allow free signups. There is quite often an approval process to go through. However, once you are approved, you can set up various promotions on your websites that can promote CPA offers and start to make money online.

The average CPA offer out there pays between $0.50 for zips a bit more for email submit  and all the way up to $40.00 or MORE if a customer pays $4 shipping for a “FREE” product or something. So  can simply add your traffic number per day week month etc and then you get an idea of the kind of money you can expect.

Just like everything else in life you need to remember that there are both good CPA networks and poor CPA networks. Choose wisely or you could waste a lot of time and money. You would be hard pressed to find an Easier method to Make Money on the internet compared to driving a Massive amount of Targeted Traffic to a High Converting CPA Offer. I am sure there is a CPA Network out there just waiting for you.

In another post we will talk about what CPA Networks want from you.

Here are the top 7

•ZIP submits

•PIN submits

•Email submits

• Short forms

•Long forms


•Free trials

Perhaps I will do a post soon on the Top Affiliate CPA Networks like:

Max Bounty

Link Share


Commission Junction

Mike Filsaime’s Affiliate Jump

Hydra Network

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