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Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites!

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Some Popular Social Bookmarking Sites

The SEO tip of this day is that Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites are an Excellent way to help your website get noticed quickly. Each time 1 of the social bookmarking sites lists your website it is a vote to Google, Yahoo and Bing that people find your site important and useful. The more votes the higher your seo page rank.

There are 2 other Major factors in the search engines evaluation of how important your site is. They are the Type of Link and the Page Rank (PR) of the referring site. Links are primarily viewed in 2 ways dofollow backlinks or nofollow backlinks. The basic importance of a dofollow backlink is that some of the Authority or linkjuice is passed from the social site or any site for that matter to Yours. A nofollow link is a vote BUT they aint vouching for you. As such the search engines give a MUCH Higher valuation to dofollow backlinks.

The other important factor when evaluating the relevance of your links is where they come from. The where meaning how Important or Trustworthy is the referring site in the eyes of Google. The way this is determined is through Page Rank. The higher the PR the more the vote counts. What you ultimately want is a “votes” from High Page Rank, Relevant websites and a Dofollow Backlink.

Below is a list of 52 Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites and their PR:

slashdot.org PR 9
squidoo.com PR 8
reddit.com PR 8
mixx.com PR 8
technorati.com PR 8
folkd.com PR 8
propeller.com PR 7
metafilter.com PR 7
wikio.com PR 7
current.com PR 7

11 – 20

connotea.org PR 7
tipd.com PR 7
dzone.com PR 6
clipmarks.com PR 6
buddymarks.com PR 6
kirtsy.com PR 6
sphinn.com PR 6
buzzflash.net PR 6
kwoff.com PR 6
indianpad.com PR 5

21 – 30

bizsugar.com PR 5
a1-webmarks.com PR 5
spotback.com PR 5
designfloat.com PR 5
blogengage.com PR 5
web2list.com PR 5
iliketotallyloveit.com PR 5
plime.com PR 5
oldrec.com PR 4
fwisp.com PR 4

31 – 40

blurpalicious.com PR 4
oyax.com PR 4
postonfire.com PR 4
rambhai.com PR 4
bmaccess.net PR 4
tugatop.com PR 4
maple.nu PR 4
blogmarks.net PR 4
b2blocal.net PR 4
cadillactight.net PR 4

41 – 52

uvouch.com PR 4
memfrag.com PR 4
humsurfer.com PR 3
bukmark.net PR 3
mylinkvault.com PR 3
socialogs.com PR 3
newscola.com PR 3
bestofindya.com PR 2
shareabargain.co.uk PR 1
kapely.net PR 1
kojaxx.com PR 1
bookmarking-site.com PR 1

Getting dofollow backlinks from the social bookmarking sites above will help you a great deal but its only 1 piece of the SEO puzzle. You should also try to get dofollow backlinks from other high PR sites in your niche as well. Make sure to investigate Dofollow Blog directories as well.

If you enjoyed this list of 52 dofollow social bookmarking sites please spread the love and bookmark this site below or tweet it out for me. Also comment below if you have questions or some DoFollow social bookmarking sites that we missed.

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