Internet Marketing Conference

Internet Marketing Conference

Internet Marketing Conference

Internet Marketing Conference

The best and most effective way to learn all the best internet marketing tips is to go to a Live internet marketing conference. Typically an internet marketing conference is a 2 or 3 day live marketing seminar that has several hundred newbie marketers and anywhere from 5 to 14 different internet marketing gurus who will share their best knowledge and most powerful marketing strategies.

Usually they are held in hotels in tourist destinations like Las Vegas, Orlando, Dallas or Los Angeles. This helps justify the trip for most people as they get to do some sight seeing while attending the internet marketing conference. The price can range from Free up to $5000. While most people might find that expensive, I believe it you are a motivated and committed person then you could easily use these types of events to launch or increase your online or affiliate marketing business.

Some of the Best Known Internet Marketing Conferences Are:

JV Alert Live (Ken McArthur)

Jeff Mills Boost Seminar

Jeff Mills Midwest Super Conference

Big Seminar (Armand Morin)

World Internet Summit (Brett McFall)

DotCom MasterMinds (Kevin Latmore)

Affiliate Summit (Shawn Collins)

Gateway to Wealth (Keith Wellman and Gary Ambrose)

Continuity Summit (Ryan Lee)

Underground (Yanik Silver)

There are many different reasons to attend an Internet Marketing Conference (sometimes called an Internet Marketing Seminar). these are probably the 5 most important marketing tips or reasons.

  1. Learn in a Live Environment
  2. Get Questions answered Directly from the most knowledgeable marketers
  3. Set up JV’s joint ventures or partnerships with other attendees
  4. A chance to purchase Discounted products
  5. Access to the most cutting edge Internet Marketing Tips

Of all of these I think the most important once is the one that is often overlooked by most who are considering attending an Internet Marketing Conference, and that is #3 Networking with attendees and setting up joint ventures. You would be surprised by the calibre, knowledge and talent of those who attend. Those in the know say the Real internet marketing seminar happens at the bar.

Some simple minded whiners may call the world internet summit or midwest super confernce a scam or pitchfest. They are missing the point and very mistaken. I have attended both of these events, never bought a thing yet learned a Years worth of Value and knowledge at those internet marketing confernces that has made me a lot of money. I can’t wait until my DotCom MasterMind Internet Marketing Conference in Toronto so that we can bring the excitement and knowledge to Canada.

Long story short if you want to make it big in internet marketing or affiliate marketing then you need to get out and attend a live internet marketing conference. The benefits far outweigh any potential problems. The relationships you make and the marketing tips will make the trip and the expense of the internet marketing conference well worth it. You would be a fool to ignore this internet marketing tip and overall shortcut to making money online.

I hope you got the message about these seminars. If ever you are at one of the listed internet marketing conferences, you will see me. Come say hello.

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