Russell Brunson releases Zoobie the Marketing Newbie

Just 3 weeks into 2009 and Russell Brunson may have released the product of the year already. The official launch doesn’t start until tomorrow but from the online meetings we have had with Russell over the last 2 weeks I know this is going to BLOW UP HUGE.

In short the promotion features a cartoon character named Zoobie the marketing Newbie (concept is YOU are Zoobie). Zoobie is aware of all the money people are making online and he wants in. The problem is …. (ALL the same problems YOU have). He tries everything you are probably trying and only ends up losing money. Hence the name of this product … Do you Suck at Making Money?

If you do have a difficult time figuring out how to quickly move up the money making ladder online, then you need a SYSTEM. Well Russell has that system and for a short time he is GIVING away his $197 product/system for FREE.

Get this product now. As you know both myself and Russell do not promote nonsense that will tarnish our names or our brands. If he Makes it is is GOOD. If I promote it then it must be Good. Best of all it is Free and you get a TON of Amazing bonuses. Talk about overdelivering.

Here is a quick glimpse of the concept:

Step #1 – STOP Selling Your Product! Stop working so hard!  I’m going to show you how to make money just by GIVING stuff away!  If you don’t have a product yet, don’t worry – I’ll show you on to get one fast!

Step #2 – Choose How Much Money You Want For Every Product You Give Away! I’ll show you how you can virtually write your own paychecks!

Step #3 - Give Away Your Products – This is the fun part – the more stuff you give away, the more money you make!

Step #4 – Cash Your Checks!

Sound too easy? Sound to good to be true? Well that is what it is like when you have a professional give you a paint by numbers system.

The truth is … the internet is a Big Ugly Monster. Yes there is money out there but the ONLY way YOU are going to see any of it is if you have a SYSTEM. Do You Suck at Making Money is the system that can turn it all around for you.

Don’t let the cartoon fool you. This is a Serious Offer that you can not afford to miss. Also for some crazy reason he is giving out some ridiculous bonuses that are truly worth thousands.

You Must Check out this Hilarious Cartoon HERE and grab your free System.

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