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dofollow blog

Blog Directories are an awesome way to get Free Traffic and to improve your SEO. While just having these sites list you is beneficial, the REAL benefit is when a good blog directory links to you. 1 Way links from a high PR (page rank) site provides some much needed link juice to your site for Google to drink up. Think of each link TO your site as a vote that says that you have a good or valuable website.

The first thing you want to accomplish with your blog is to have good content. Many people say that content is king. While that is true a more accurate statement isĀ  Optimized Content is King. After all it makes no sense to have the best blog in the world if no one can find it. So the key to making money online with your blog is to have good content that is also optimized and to have lots of backlinks (votes) confirming that.

Now there are many ways to count the votes that you get through links. Some sites have a high PR which means Google views their links as both valuable and credible. Another type of link is reciprocal (You link to me so I link to you) which is OK but Google just feels like you and your best friend are voting for each other. You could always get good links from “popular” or high traffic sites BUT that is often only good for people clicking over to your site and does NOT necessarily increase your SEO rankings.

The links you may get on the popular sites aren’t good for SEO because they are NO Follow links. Meaning they are giving you a vote but “off the record”. Most sites or wordpress blogs are nofollow because of the great number of spammers out there who try to get backlinks from sites by blasting ten of thousands of spammy porn, medication and gambling links to 1000′s of sites and blogs everyday. By a link being nofollow google will NOT index it and thus not associate your site with these bad ones.

The downside of this is that most of your comments on blogs is not followed and therefor no votes are passed on. Boooo! If you are trying to build some SEO and authority for your site then you want to look for sites that DoFollow. Once you find these sites add some Valuable comments to the blog and if you do you are permitted to leave a backlink to your website as well. This does 3 things. It helps the blog have more activity and content, someone may click on your link to check out your site and Google will count this dofollow link as a positive vote for your site.

Better than just any old site linking back to you with a dofollow backlink, you can power up this whole concept and have a dofollow Blog Directory give you a powerful backlink. Most blog directories out there are nofollow but there are lots of dofollow blog directories now as well. Below we have assembled a list of 10 Awesome dofollow blog directories and dofollow rss directories that will help you get some quick backlinks and hopefully get you some link juice for google rankings and some traffic to your site. Best of all these dofollow blog directories listed here are ALL Free.

While Technorati is probably the best here, these are in no particular order.

  1. Technorati
  2. Zimbio
  3. Blogsrater.com
  4. Million RSS
  5. Ice Rocket
  6. Follow List
  7. B4 Blogs
  8. Eaton Web
  9. eMarketing Blogs
  10. Bloggapedia

Once you have jumped on this quickstart list of 10 hit up google and type in “dofollow blog directories” and try to find others when you get a chance. If anybody knows any other dofollow blog directories or blogs please feel free to leave in the comment box. Perhaps I will add them to a more extensive list and post in the future.

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  1. Thanks for the information. I really appreciate this “dofollow” directory list here. I can start submit my site and get backlink straight away.

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  2. Hey Zham cool site keep it up. I am glad you like the post. I suggest you Google do follow blog directories to find many more. Also make sure you are submitting your RSS Feed as well.

    Good Luck,


  3. I think Bloggapeida is the best article directory who accepts a blog very quickly.

  4. Thanks Shamim. Make sure you use pingomatic.com to get the word out about your blogs.
    Sends it out to about 22 search engines, blogs or feed directories at once.


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    increases, keep adding more and more money making programs to your site.
    thanks !! very helpful post!

  6. Thanks for a great list of sites – I have never heard of pingo but I will give it a try

  7. Very nice post.

    Surprised to see too much comments on one post.

  8. Thanks for sharing the list, I submitted my site to a few of those, we’ll see how many approve it.

  9. It’s a great list of sites that will help in a great way.