Free Keyword Tracking Tools

Free Tracking Tools

keyword tracking tools

Keyword Tracking Tools

Marketing on the internet is a very competitive job. In order to keep up you need two things market analysis/understanding, competitor analysis/understanding and tools to track and automate tedious tasks. With this in mind I have put together a list of must have free traffic, competitor and keyword Tracking Tools to make your life easier and your internet marketing more effective.

All of the internet marketing gurus and big companies online use these tracking tools. You will not stand a chance without mastering at least a few them. They will be your secret weapon to help you increase traffic to your website or blog. Do not even think about trying to make money on the internet without these killer tracking tools and also some of the listed competition research tools. These website tracking tools make up for you not knowing all the latest seo tips.

If I missed any tools that you have had great success with or have some thoughts on this please leave a comment. Also if you like the list book marking this site or a ReTweet is always appreciated too.

Visitor / Website Tracking Tools

BudUrl ( free tracking tool that shortens URLs ) (shorten URL with some tracking, Twitter default)

StatCounter (tracking site visitors)

CrazyEgg (video tracking of visitors to your site)

ClickTale (video tracking of visitors to your site)

HitTail (tracks which keywords were used in finding your website)

Google Analytics (Free Google website tracking tool,  how visitors got to your site, length of stay )

Spying / Researching Keywords, Market + Competitors

Compete .com (competitor research tracking tool)

SEMRush (advanced SEO tips and SEM search software)

Quantcast (website traffic estimates and demographics info)

Google Adwords External Tool (keyword research & domain keyword


Alert Rank (Google Alerts on steroids – use as a keyword or website tracking tool. Get daily Email updates on competitors, brands or yourself)

SpyFu (competition or keyword research tool)

Tracking 202 (you can track all of your affiliate programs or campaigns)

Wordtracker (Ultimate keyword research tool)

Twitter counter (twitter tracking tool that charts your growth)

If you are looking to make money blogging or driving free traffic to your webiste then learn to automate your business by mastering some of these tracking tools. The info you get from these tracking tool softwares and sites will give you excellent affiliate marketing tips.

There are many more great competitor, website traffic and keyword tracking tools out there but this list comprised of mostly free tracking tools can get your a quick leg up in generation traffic and sales.

Again if you know of any other seo traffic or free tracking tools, keyword tracking tools or website tracking tools add them in the comments below so all guests can benefit.

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  1. These are awesome tools. Thanks for sharing this list man.