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Russell Brunson and Kevin In Vegas

Russell Brunson - Kevin In Vegas

Russell Brunson is an awesome Internet marketing whiz from Boise Idaho. He is married with 3 young children. Russell lives in a fabulous house that is around 10,000 sq ft.

Even though Russell Brunson is still very young at just 29 years of age, he has been marketing and selling products online for for nearly 9 years now. Russell Started his Internet marketing career while attending Boise State University. At just 20 years old Russell Brunson’s focus was mainly his wrestling career at the time. Even though he was 1 of the nation’s top wrestlers, like most other college or university kids he was dead broke.

In one of the most incredible stories you will ever hear, Russell Brunson was able to turn a $20 investment into $250,000. Again he did this while moonlighting as an Internet marketer during his Boise ID school days. It didn’t take long for him to develop more sophisticated products that quickly propelled him past the $ Million sales mark.

Since an injury prevented him from continuing his wrestling dreams Russell Brunson turned to Internet marketing and affiliate marketing full-time. Shortly after becoming a full time marketer he founded his own product creation and marketing training company called DotCom Secrets.

DotCom Secrets now employs dozens (over 50 I believe) of exceptionally talented people. Among them is Russell’s affiliate manager Brent Coppieters who hosts an affiliate training show every Monday at around noon Eastern Time. The show is always packed with various ways for people to learn about making money online. I think that is one of the things that makes Russell Brunson so special, his willingness to teach the tricks of the trade to all who desire to learn it. For cutting edge affilitate marketing tips make sure you check out the Russell Brunson Blog over at DotComSecrets.Com

Between Russell and his DotCom Secrets company they have put out several powerful products like:

  • Do You Suck at Making Money?
  • Affiliate Evolution
  • Self Improvement Millionaire
  • The Viral Secret
  • The 12 Month Millionaire
  • The IM Myth
  • Micro Continuity
  • Dotcom Secrets University
  • Many More

My favorite thing about Russell Brunson is that he is a Genuine person who truly cares about his customers, his affiliates and the marketing community as a whole. Sometimes you read things like is Russell Brunson scam or beware Russell Brunson Scam. There are primarily two major reasons for Nonsense like this.

  1. Some people use the word scam to get your attention thinking you will be moved to click their link. Once you do click their link they say NO there is not any Russell Brunson Scam. It is kind of a sneaky bait and switch. These guys are lame.
  2. The other times that you may falsely see these scam or fraud words thrown around are from people who say that about everything. They usually never even bought the product, they are frequent refunders and because they are LAZY and cannot do the simple steps required to turn a profit they blame GOOD people like Russell Brunson, Stephen Pierce Anik Singal or whoever.

All in all Russell Brunson is a Great Guy who is making big things happen online. I have had the awesome pleasure of meeting him 3 times now and even though I was just an average Joe online he remembered me each time. Also he spent some good time chatting with me and even gave me some of his materials to use free of charge. I was a manager at a $100 Million per year company so I know a thing of two about marketing and customer service. So does Russell Brunson.

This guy is selling over $10,000,000.00 worth of products annually and is showing no signs of stopping or ego. If he needs a recommendation, then I can give it to you Very Enthusiastically. If you have a problem with Russell Brunson then you have a problem with me. You don’t want that.

Russell just told me that his next project is Dotcom Secrets University so look for my review of that internet marketing program soon.

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