30 Day Success Story

Your 30 Day Success Story Will Make or Break You

When it comes to marketing there a lot of important elements, a lot of theories and a whole heap of numbers. Theories are always biased, debated and heavily contested by opposing evaluators. Ranking key elements in order of importance or even inclusion is always grounds for a good firefight as well. When it comes to numbers most have some value and relevance in both your growth and profitability potential.

Let’s assume that there are no ridiculous deficiencies in compensation from a corporate standpoint. If that is true then I am about to reveal the single most important number in terms of both your immediate and longterm success in whatever networking business you engage in. This number refers to your 30 Day Success Story.

Your 30 Day Success Story is quite simply a snapshot of what you have accomplished in your first 30 days with your company. Typically this can be presented in 2 ways.

1.How much Money did you make in your first 30 Days
2.How big of a team did you create in your first 30 Days

First lets talk about team size. Usually this is used to show how many other people are interested in the company and more importantly, interested in joining your team. It also allows people to take some of the “theory” from the comp plan and use some real numbers to see what kinds of growth and money they can expect. You see people don’t want to know what some guy in Singapore did in 4 years with the company. They also don’t want to hear about the success some lady from the UK who has been in the industry for 20 years is now having with your company either. They want to know what YOU their neighbor IS Doing.

Secondly any time people invest their hard earned money the #1 question they have is how soon can I make money back. The #2 question is can I really make profit doing this. By going all out on a 30 day no holds barred focused recruiting blitz you are guaranteed to earn the maximum possible amount of money in a short span of time.

I believe the total 30 days earnings total is a superior statistic because no calculations need to be done to understand the possibilities. The only calculations someone should do is multiply the number by 12 to figure out the annual earning potential. Naturally they will also try to figure what percent of YOUR success they believe THEY can Duplicate.

Companies know how important fast results are to you and this is why you see that they have Fast Start and Rapid Advancement Bonuses. These are in place to show you fast money and make you chase it.

So to recap why your 30 day story is this the single most critical element of your business development, here are 5 make or break reasons

1.The speed of the pack is determined by the speed of the leader (duplication)
2.People don’t do what you say they do what you do (duplication)
3.Most people are naturally competitive and will strive to match or surpass your 30 achievements (chasing goals)
4.By earning a substantial profit in your first 30 days you are eliminating risk (risk reversal – believability)
5.This Rapid growth creates excitement and momentum and momentum creates More excitement, more Money and more Momentum (self-fulfilling prophecy)

So your mission critical goal is to Figure out a certain amount of money you want to make in the next 30 days or position you want to hit. Then do WHATEVER it takes to hit that target, no matter what. From then on you can Tell people what is possible and what you expect of them when they join. Your 30 Day story can now replace the entire compensation plan and address all negative questions. I have done and you can do it too.

If you happen to be beyond your first 30 days you can and must still employ this strategy. It still has all the same upside you just need to alter the way in which you present it to friends or prospects. Instead of saying in my first 30 Days … You will say once I figured out the system I made $XXXX within my first 30 Days. Or once I decided to get serious I made $XXXX in my first 30 days.

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